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I’m a proud Lancashire lass raised by hardworking people, a determined cancer survivor defending the NHS and a passionate community advocate lifting up the voices of the many. Pride and dignity are the bedrock of my Labour values.

I’m proud of my record in Labour and my community.

  • I’ve fought to save an A&E and a Community Ambulance Station.
  • I’ve saved a community library from closure
  • I’ve taken the fight to the Tories and slashed their majority in a Tory stronghold

Burnley is a proud place. With a strong history of industry and manufacturing, the dignity of work and a fierce determination to innovate and thrive is at the heart of Burnley. Burnley’s values are Labour values, they always have been, and I want to make sure every Burnley resident can be proud of their MP.

PROUD to be nominated by: 

Antony Higginbotham has shown he will talk the talk in Burnley but when he gets back to Westminster, he’ll follow his privileged masters and then apologise for it afterwards.


Burnley deserves an MP with a dignity and determination that matches this town’s spirit; not just a yes man.

I have the determination, courage, and strength of character to fight for Burnley. My values are Burnley’s values and I’ll always put Burnley first.

Together we can win back Burnley.



NHS funding

NHS funding

I asked Burnley Tory MP Antony Higginbotham what he was going to do about chronic underfunding of the NHS, shortage of nurses, zero state funded hospices and a collapsing care system. His response? There is no chronic underfunding of the NHS...I've encouraged everyone...

Women at the heart of the Labour Party

Women at the heart of the Labour Party

For the Labour party to be the best it can be and make an offer to the British people that reflects the concerns and ambitions of the country, it is vital to harness the skills, experiences and talents of all its members and supporters, including those groups that...

Cancer and Covid

Cancer and Covid

Covid-19 precautions, however necessary, have created a ticking time-bomb of undiagnosed cancers and delayed treatment. Before the pandemic, across the UK, we were already failing to hit targets for the number of people starting cancer treatment within two months.

Why I’m backing Ashley…

“Ashley put our city on the map

Ashley was a tremendous candidate for Rochford & Southend East, who brought electoral successes and revitalised the local party. Ashley put our city on the map for the Labour Party and contributed much towards us achieving the first ever Labour-led administration for Southend.

I have no doubt she will make a terrific candidate and a brilliant MP for Burnley.”

Cllr Ian Gilbert

Southend-on-Sea City Council

“Ashley is the candidate that can restore trust in the Labour Party

Ashley’s positivity and innovation inspires others and brings people together. She is intensely driven and she gets things done. I have no doubt that she will be a brilliant MP for Burnley.”

Cllr Salma Arif

Leeds City Council

“You need someone as your MP who you can trust

As former National Campaign Coordinator for the party, I know Ashley Dalton is the kind of hard working, experienced person the people of Burnley need as their next Labour MP. She is in politics for the right reasons; to change people’s lives and our country for the better. I’m always impressed by Ashley, she gets things done and brings the energy and determination needed to win back Burnley. She will be a brilliant MP for the town.”

Andrew Gwynne MP

Member of Parliament for Denton & Reddish

“Ashley is an outstanding and highly motivated candidate.

I have been a Party member for 62 years and served as national officer for what is now the CWU for 27 years. I have known Ashley for over 20 years and throughout that time she has been a dynamic and committed member of our Party. I strongly believe that she would be a superb Labour MP and a credit to the local party that selects her.

David Norman MBE

Retired borough Councillor and former group leader, Freeman of the City of Southend.

Ashley has the experience as a candidate of fighting a general election campaign

I have been impressed by Ashley’s work ethic and commitment to winning for Labour.

She works hard and she gets things done. I am sure she will make an excellent candidate and MP.”

Mark Hendrick MP, Member of Parliament for Preston

Back Ashley to be Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Burnley


Ashley Dalton calls for improved cancer screening access

A BREAST cancer survivor is calling for it to be made easier for women to attend potentially life-saving screenings.

Ashley Dalton questions hospital after Drs quit top jobs

A PROMINENT senior consultant has resigned from his role in helping to introduce sweeping NHS changes to three hospitals

Labour candidate says Labour will boost gang unit to tackle surge in violence

LABOUR has announced plans to expand the Essex Police Violence Reduction Unit.

Labour candidate supports ASDA staff in contracts row

Labour candidate Ashley Dalton has urged Asda management to withdraw unfair new contracts.

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